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Unisex Cashmere Socks - Rib Knit Navy




We plant a tree for every product you purchase.

Socks in soft, warm Mongolian cashmere knitted with a small amount of spandex for a better fit. The socks are perfect for long flights, or as bed socks, and they will keep your feet warm on cold nights and cold flights.

Cashmere is a wonderful material, but it is also very delicate, and some extra attention is required, in order to make your socks stay beautiful and last long. The socks should only be used for snuggling up under the duvet, during long flights, or for lounging at home. When walking around at home, wear the socks with slippers or other kinds of soft indoor shoes.

The socks come with a small drawstring pouch, so they are easy to carry with you on your trip, or whenever you need to keep your feet warm. CWSG in Cambodia makes the pouch from leftover fabric, so the pattern and fabric of your pouch, will most likely be different from what is pictured in the product photos.

Color: Navy

Material: 2ply, rib knit, 100% Mongolian Cashmere

Made in Mongolia


Who made the cashmere socks?

The socks are from the sustainable brand Gobi Cashmere from Mongolia (Mongolia the country, not to be confused with the Inner Mongolia region in China).

The Mongolian herders love their goats and they take pride in their animal friendly practices. The Mongolian cashmere is hand combed from the goats during springtime, when the goats naturally start losing their winter coats. This is regarded as the only cruelty free way to collect cashmere.

Gobi was founded by Mongolian people in Mongolia, and the company has strong roots in the local communities and among the nomadic herders. Gobi controls the entire production chain, which makes it possible to ensure that everybody involved in the process lives up to Gobi’s high standards in terms of sustainability and animal welfare. Furthermore, by cutting out all middlemen, Gobi is able to offer luxurious products of a very high quality at affordable prices.

Gobi is a member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance.

Read more about Gobi on the Gobi website and blog >>


Care instructions:

Cashmere is a wonderful material, but it is also very delicate, and some extra attention is required, in order to make your cashmere garments stay beautiful and last long. Airing your cashmere garments outside, or gently steaming the garments is often all that is needed.

For machine wash, insert the cashmere into a mesh bag. Select a cool water, wool cycle and use a special detergent for cashmere or wool. Never use fabric softener. Never put cashmere in a dryer, ut lay flat to dry on a towel. Cashmere clothes can also be hand washed (with cashmere/wool detergent) or dry cleaned.